"Golden Threads"
The story behind the acquisition of the amulet molds

by Debbie Canavan Holmes

In the summer of 1997, I had a powerful meditation that ushered in a month-long period of pronounced psychic abilities. During this time, I had an out-of-body experience (OBE) that completely changed the course of my life and my way of seeing the world.

The experience started when I went to sleep but then found myself sitting in a chair next to the side of my bed. I had a photo album type of book on my lap and was aware of two beings behind me that I suddenly recognized as my spiritual guides. I had never been consciously aware of them before this experience. My guides were wearing brown, hooded cloaks and were telepathically instructing me to open the book and look at the images. Each page held different holographic scenes of social situations and as I turned a page, the scene would expand and become a life-sized, holographic video in front of me. I had to view and understand what was transpiring in each scene and telepathically report it to my guides before going on to the next scene. In hindsight, I actually ENTERED each scene with my guides floating behind me.

I was given a holographic device - an energy wave meter. It looked like a continually moving, three-dimensional, horizontal wave form. It was about a foot long and made of golden yellow light. It was thick -like a snake- and the guides placed it approximately 6 inches in front of my belly button region. It just floated there. With this device in place, I was able to measure the energy of the Universe (Source Energy, God's Love, whatever you wish to call it) going into each and every person and thing that I saw in each scene.

In the first scene, I found myself floating high above an audience in the back of a theater where a play was about to take place. I could see an actor backstage waiting to perform. Connected to him, I saw a golden thread of energy flowing from a place far behind me, which I understood to be the source of all energy - which, for simplicity's sake, I refer to as "God". The thread was flowing into the actor, from him into every audience member, from each audience member back to him, and then back to God. They were all connected as if in an electrical circuit. I saw not only the connection, but I understood the PURPOSE of each to the other - the actor to the audience, vice versa, and everyone's purpose to God. I realized in that moment that there is a hidden meaning and a purpose behind everything we do - even something as simple as going to a social event.

In the next scene, I saw myself and my husband. It was an EXACT reenactment of a moment we experienced in real life about a year earlier. On that day, we were getting along extraordinarily well, extremely in tune with each other. We were having a great day and then I jokingly said a negative statement - "You jerk!" At the time (in real life) it was if someone had snapped a finger, and the great feeling was instantly gone between us. We both immediately stopped, looked at each other and said, "Wow! That's strange!" We both felt it and no matter how hard we tried that day, we couldn't get that wonderful feeling back. It was the feeling you get when someone says something awkward in a room full of people and the room goes cold.

In my OBE, I watched from the ceiling (with my guides floating behind me) as this same scene unfolded. But, this time, I saw golden threads coming from God and going into each of us. We were standing facing each other and there were also TWO strands connecting us to each other from our torsos. When I spoke the negative statement in the OBE as I did in my waking life, I saw one of the strands of gold SNAP! I then understood the reason for the instant change of feelings - negativity stops the flow of God's energy. It's interesting to note that even though I was just joking, there was still negativity in the statement. It made me realize the importance of being conscious of the words we speak.

Next, I saw hundreds of clay pendants paraded before my eyes for a moment. They vanished to reveal a scene of myself making these pendants. The interesting part was that I saw God's energy going into me, coming from me and going into the pendants I was making. It was also coming from the pendants, going out the people who would be receiving these pendants, coming back to me and going back to God. Once again, I saw the energy and the PURPOSE of it all which had to do with the dissemination of Universal Energy to promote spiritual healing.

The guides had more scenes for me to decipher - it was an all-night experience. There were scenes where people were at parties socializing, or alone in contemplation. In each scene, I had to understand each person's purpose to the others, themselves, and to God. The people in these scenes were having misunderstandings with others or confusion regarding their life's purpose. I understood that good communication with ourselves and others relates to how much energy we allow God to pour into us - the strength of our connection to God.

Upon coming back to consciousness, I had the urge to make pendants to help people with their spiritual healing. I heard the word "amulet" whispered in my ear and I realized that this is the name of what I saw myself making - healing amulets. I decided I would set out to make them.

A few weeks later, I went to an Ancient Egyptian artifact sale at a local jewelry store. Upon entering the store, in the front case I saw a collection of amulet molds dated c. 600 BC and knew I had to have them. I bought them and have been making necklaces with the molds in order to fulfill part of (what I believe the vision has shown me is) my purpose in life.

Before the dream, I had struggled with the concept of wanting to be an artist. I thought it was a selfish pursuit. I had believed in order to help people we must be there physically to counsel, aid or teach in some manner. The exciting thing about the dream for me was the realization that no matter what we do (as long as we are being loving and kind) we are putting our and God's healing energy into it and others can (and do) benefit from it - even if it's not apparent to the physical eye.