About Me:

In 1997, I had a life-changing out-of-body experience (OBE) in which I was shown that invisible healing energy

flows through each of us and affects us in ways that we may not realize.

I saw a future image of myself making necklaces in which there were golden threads of healing energy flowing

from me into the necklaces and into the person who would be wearing the necklace. I heard the word "amulet"

as I was returning to ordinary consciousness.

A couple of weeks later, I discovered 2600 year old Egyptian AMULET molds in an antiquity sale, purchased

them and began making ceramic healing amulet pendant necklaces from them just as I saw myself making them

in my OBE.

You can read about my "Golden Threads" experience or view and purchase the amulet necklaces from the link


In 2006, I began painting nature scenes in oils. I was accepted into various galleries and art shows and had

some success selling my prints and original paintings in addition to the healing amulets. In time, I began to

doubt my path as an artist and was ready to give up even though I kept constantly receiving signs that I should


Then, in 2018, I had another out-of-body experience in which I was told that it was my destiny to be an artist.

A short time later, I began receiving commission requests for portraits and my portrait painting business was

born. See below for examples of my portraits and pricing information.

Thanks for visiting my page! :)